HIFU vs. Traditional Facelift: Comparing Costs and Results

HIFU and traditional facelift

As we always say, aging is natural and bound to happen after a certain age. In some people, the process begins as early as their 40s, while some notice aging signs beyond their 50s. Aging can hurt your skin as much as on the other parts of the body. In the case of skin, the excess skin part starts drooping throughout the body.

Such loose skin, which in some cases is noticeable and in some can remain hidden, requires a facelift through traditional and contemporary methods. While the former is known as a surgical facelift, the latter, a relatively new option, is called a HIFU treatment. If you are looking to undergo facelifts but are unable to make a choice, here’s more to the differences between HIFU treatment, HIFU treatment price, and surgical facelifts.

What is the HIFU Treatment for a Facelift?

HIFU uses Focused Ultrasound energy to target the skin’s layers, including the SMAS Layer. It helps trigger collagen and elastin production. In addition, the process also helps lift, firm, and tighten the skin and gives the face a more defined jawline. The process works over three months after surgery while the collagen gets renewed.

What is Surgical Facelift Treatment?

A surgical facelift involves administering the patient local or general anesthesia. The procedure requires around two to five hours or longer. The surgeon cuts the skin at the ear’s rear end, extending up into the hairline and scalp. Then they lift the skin of the SMAS layer and pull the skin upwards, removing excess facial skin.

Difference Between HIFU Treatment and Surgical Facelift

Let’s now compare HIFU and surgical facelift treatment on various parameters.


HIFU Treatment

Traditional Facelift



Invasive at involves making cuts


The procedure will require repetitive sessions after two to three years.

The procedure’s effect and results are long-lasting.


The process has little to no side effects considering it optimizes the body’s natural resources like natural collagen.

Potential medical complications may include scars.


The resultant look blends harmoniously with your face.

The result might not be necessarily natural.

HIFU Treatment Price and Conventional Facelift Price

The cost of a HIFU treatment in India varies substantially from clinic to clinic.

Surgical facelifts are much more expensive considering they are surgeries.

Note: Please note that the above prices are indicative and not accurate. To know the current prices in your context and the clinic you may choose to undergo any of the above treatments, you should connect with your nearest dermatologist.

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