Is it Possible to Get a Youthful Skin at 40 Naturally?

skin care in 40s

The 40s is the time when the skin may show the first signs of aging. Although the age isn’t too old for one to worry about severe aging, it is always good to take proper care of the skin. So, here’s how to get youthful skin at 40 and some anti-aging treatments.

5 Ways to Get a Youthful Skin at 40 Naturally!

1. Incorporating Vitamin C

Using an antioxidant like vitamin C can help prevent dark spots and support collagen before losing it. Additionally, it is an excellent skin-brightener with firming advantages as it fosters collagen. It also has UV protection benefits. Apply a dermatologist-prescribed vitamin C solution before the moisturizer and sunscreen for more protection.

2. Using a Sunscreen

Incorporating sunscreen in your 40s skin care routine is something that every dermatologist would recommend – of course, based on an individual’s skin suitability. Sunscreen not only contributes to preventing or delaying the skin’s aging process but also proves helpful in protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

3. Exfoliating Twice a Week

An aging skin thickens and appears dull. That’s because age causes the shedding process of the skin cells to slow down. As a result, skin also starts looking textured. Hence, exfoliating the skin a couple of times a week can prevent the problem and help you maintain a youthful glow for a longer time.

4. Moisturizing the Skin

Aging may result in drying and flaking of the skin. If you’ve recently entered your 40s or are about to do it in a year or two, or even if you are younger, you can use a dermatologist-recommended moisturizer and keep your skin moisturized at all times. A well-hydrated skin will help enhance its appearance, improve its texture, and thus prevent aging.

5. Undergoing a HIFU Treatment

Are you looking to undergo a clinical anti-aging treatment to restore the youth in your skin? Thanks to advancements in dermatology, you can undergo HIFU treatment.

The treatment uses focused ultrasound energy to target the skin layer below the surface. The ultrasound energy results in a rapid heating up of the tissue.

Upon reaching a particular temperature, the cells experience cellular damage. The damage stimulates the cells to produce more collagen. It leads to tighter, and firmer skin. As the beams focus on a particular tissue site below the skin’s surface, the upper layers and the adjacent tissue remain undamaged. Some benefits of the HIFU treatment include reduced wrinkles, smoothened skin, tightened skin on the neck, cheek, eyebrow, and eyelid-lift, and an improved jawline definition.

However, you should undergo the treatment with certified and experienced dermatologists, who will also examine its suitability in your case to avoid complications.

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