Shine Brighter: Exploring the Wonders of Microcurrent Facial Therapy

micro facial therapy

Are you preparing for a special event and want to look fresher, brighter, and younger? Most people suffering from wrinkles, aging signs, etc., may go for Botox in such cases. While Botox proves effective, a microcurrent facial therapy can deliver the same effect more quickly. So, let’s delve into a few aspects of microcurrent therapy and its benefits.

What is Microcurrent Facial?

A microcurrent facial is a non-surgical facelift technique. It helps diminish the signs of aging, brighten the complexion, and enhance your face contours. The therapy uses low-voltage electrical current to foster the production of collagen and elasticity in your skin. Additionally, it helps repair tissues and tightens facial muscles.

This facial type is one of the widely recommended therapies worldwide, especially when it comes to reducing and delaying visible signs of aging. The low-voltage current replicates the body’s natural electrical current. Even then, it is a safe and effective anti-aging treatment.

Benefits of Microcurrent Facial

While you now have an idea of the advantages of microcurrent facial, let’s discuss them a little more to explore the usefulness of the treatment.

  • Enhanced Blood Circulation

Microcurrent facial helps enhance blood circulation to the face. At the cell level, it enhances nutrient and oxygen supply, resulting in a brighter and healthier complexion. The electrical current travels through the skin to penetrate the muscles, touching the lymph nodes on its way. Therefore, the treatment helps reduce facial puffiness to ensure a more defined contouring.

  • Improved Facial Contour

The facial helps increase the skin’s adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, which helps stimulate collagen and elastic synthesis. However, ATP doesn’t limit itself to collagen and elastic production. It also forms the primary source of energy for muscle movements. Thus, by increasing ATP levels, a microcurrent facial helps your facial muscles re-energize and enhance the muscle tone. You can think of your facial muscles working out to become firmer. The outcome is a more defined jawline and reduced skin sagging.

  • Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As mentioned earlier, microcurrent therapy helps increase ATP levels that foster collagen and elastic production. Thus, the treatment helps decelerate and replenish the loss of natural collagen in your skin. While significantly increasing elastic production, it can also increase collagen thickness. That’s the reason microcurrent facial helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Painless Treatment

Another vital advantage of microcurrent facials is that it is painless, non-surgical, and non-invasive. Hence, you don’t have to worry about knives or needles touching your skin. The treatment uses a low-level current that creates a painless and tingling sensation on your skin.

  • Instant Results

Many people call microcurrent facial therapy a 5-minute Face Lift. Why is it so? This is because the treatment delivers instant results after the procedure is completed. You will see a visible difference in your jawlines and cheekbones, eye wrinkles, and forehead lines. Not to forget the radiant glow that’s another outcome of this treatment. Nevertheless, ensure you schedule follow-up appointments to ensure long-lasting results.

Can Young People Undergo Microcurrent Therapy?

Yes. The treatment isn’t restricted to older people. Even if you are in your late 30s and see signs of aging, you may take up microcurrent with an experienced provider. However, you should check the treatment’s suitability in your case to avoid risks and side effects. Usually, the treatment isn’t recommended for people who are pregnant, have heart issues, suffer from anti-inflammatory skin conditions, have metal implants in their face, or have had Botox or fillers a couple of weeks before the therapy.

Do you have more questions about how microcurrent therapy can work in your case? Visit us at Reborn and explore our expertise. While using a competent microcurrent facial device, we adhere to the required protocols and perform the treatment depending on its suitability in every case. We are prepared and glad to serve you at our clinics across multiple locations in Karve Road, Koregaon Park, and Baner in Pune, and one in Jaipur.

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