Average Cost of Hair Transplant in India

cost of hair transplant

Also termed hair replacement or hair restoration, hair transplant is a meticulous surgical technique that aims to treat male pattern baldness. When performed by an experienced hair transplant specialist, it can lead to fruitful and sustainable outcomes. However, hair transplant involves a significant cost of which everyone looking to undergo it should be aware. If you also have been planning to undergo a hair transplant, here are some insights into the average cost of a hair transplant and the factors influencing it.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost in India

Before we look at the average cost of hair transplants in India, let’s overview some factors that affect it for a better understanding.

Hair Transplant Technique Employed

The most significant factor influencing hair transplant costs in India is the technique used. Hair transplant techniques include FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT - Follicular Unit Transplantation. While FUE involves extracting a single hair root at a single time, FUT includes harvesting the strip of the skin from the safe donor region.

Both these treatment techniques have varying costs. Amongst the two, FUE is more labor-intensive and time-consuming. Hence, it is costlier than FUT. Whether FUT or FUE depends on the treatment’s suitability and also the expert hair doctor’s specialization.

Hair Loss Extent

The extent of hair loss also proves a pivotal factor in determining the cost of hair transplants. The more significant the hair loss, the higher the number of grafts required. Hence, the number of grafts also decides the total cost of the hair transplant.


Hair transplant clinics with advanced technology and infrastructure charge higher fees to cover surgical expenses. However, it is worth undergoing hair transplant surgeries at such clinics as the results tend to be more reliable than the conventional ones.

Surgeon’s Expertise

In addition to the above, the surgeon’s expertise and experience in performing hair transplants, along with their hair transplant success rate also impact the cost. Again, it is prudent to undergo a hair transplant with an experienced surgeon owing to the track record and the surgeon’s expertise in handling various complexities.

Clinic’s Location

The clinic’s location also plays a role in determining the cost of a hair transplant. Usually, clinics in the prime locations of metropolitan regions charge a location premium for the logistical convenience they offer. While some may choose to travel a little farther to save some money, the traveling expenses incurred in attending multiple follow-up sessions would translate to more or less the same cost.

Personalization and Specific Needs

Although the hair transplant procedure remains the same, individual needs may vary. The latter requires surgeons to customize the treatment based on the requirements. However, the more personalized the treatment, the higher the cost. Discussing these aspects before undergoing hair transplant surgery can help you manage your expenses

Consulting Fees and Additional Services

Some clinics charge consulting done across various stages of the hair transplant procedure. These fees add to the total cost of the hair transplant. In addition, post-operative care, medications, supportive therapies such as PRP, GFC can contribute to the overall cost.

Average Hair Transplant Cost in India

As you’ve seen, hair transplant cost in Pune or anywhere else in India will depend on numerous factors. However, the cost of the FUE hair transplant for 2500 to 5000 grafts averages between Rs. 50,000 to 1,50,000. On the other hand, the average cost for FUT hair transplant for 2000 to 4000 grafts ranges between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. You should discuss your hair transplant needs, the treatment you’ll undergo, and the specific cost in your case with your expert hair doctor before making a decision.

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