Medi-Facial FAQs: Things to Know Before Your First Appointment

medi-facial faq’s

Are you about to undergo a medi-facial for the first time? Right from knowing what it is a medi-facial to understanding the aftercare aspects of the beauty facial treatment, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you get going.

  • What is a Medi-Facial Treatment?
  • Medi-facial is a painless and non-invasive beauty facial treatment performed under the supervision of a dermatologist targeting specific skin concerns. Unlike salon facials comprising chemical bleaching, medi-facials include using antioxidants, vitamins, and alpha hydroxy acids.

  • How is a medi-facial treatment performed?

    The process varies with the type of medi-facial you undergo. However, generally, you can expect exfoliation, cleansing, hydration, and moisturization.

  • What are the benefits of a medi-facial treatment?

    Within 48-72 hours of the treatment, your skin will start feeling healthy and hydrated. In 30-45 days, cell regeneration will trigger long-term benefits. Some benefits of undergoing a medi-facial treatment include the following.

    • Moisturized and smoother and tighter skin
    • Reduced aging signs
    • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits
    • Soft, supple and exfoliated skin
    • No post-treatment downtime

  • How many medi-facial sessions do I require?
  • For those who’ve adopted a facial regimen, a facial once a month can help deliver optimal results. However, the frequency will be higher if you are a beginner. For instance, as a novice, you can receive three to four facials a week initially and then after every 12-15 days based on the dermatologist’s prescription.

  • Does medi-facial have any side effects?
  • The side effects are rare. However, they may vary with the individual and the type of medi-facial performed. Some people may suffer from redness after the treatment. Yet, you should consult the treatment’s suitability in your case to be double sure and safe.

  • Can I undergo a medi-facial treatment during pregnancy or while suffering from certain health conditions?
  • You may undergo a medi-facial treatment even during pregnancy and lactation. Nevertheless, you should discuss and determine its suitability in your case to avoid potential complications. Besides, you should also inform the doctor about pre-existing allergies or sensitivities to keep problems at bay.

  • Does the beauty facial treatment have any post-procedure downtime?
  • A medi-facial requires a few minutes to complete and does not have any downtime or require a recovery period. You should feel fresh and be able to resume regular activities after the treatment.

  • What are the various do’s and don’ts after a medi-facial?
  • Your dermatologist will discuss the various do’s and don’ts after a medi-facial specific to your case. However, some generic ones may include the following.


    • Using gentle products
    • Getting face treatments before the facial and not after that
    • Staying hydrated
    • Using a pH-balancing cleanser
    • Cleaning everything touching your face


    • Scrubbing
    • Leaving the pimples alone
    • Going out in the sun
    • Wearing make-up

  • Who can perform a medi-facial treatment?
  • You should get a medi-facial treatment done through only a qualified, experienced, and certified dermatologist.

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